Saturday, August 19, 2017

Crawling With Tarts - ρηλινκουισ

A1     Cleopatra   
A2     Locus Ad Quieters Aptus   
A3     Carnival In Castroville
A4     Noche Gate   
A5     PS   
A6     Cleopatra II   
B1     Tornado Path - Tornado Life   
B2     Veronica And The Iroquois   
B3     Satyr Discovering Maenad   
B4     I Dream Of Tools   
B5     On Treim's Car
B6     Cascade And Beehive   
B7     Asian Boy - Asian Thief


Teen Lesbians And Animals - Sore Az A Whore

A1 Thee Begining Ov Thee End   
A2 Thu Beat Iz Wrong   
A3 Nobody Srait Ever Made It Az An Artist   
A4 Ectoplasm 2   
A5 Billy Didn't Go To Church Today   
A6 Mein Furer   
A7 An Artistic Presentation   
B1 93   
B2 Drowning In A Pool Ov Menstrual Blood   
B3 Hey Phffftt   
B4 501 Genes   
B5 Sexual Dripping   
B6 Crimson Hi-Speed   
B7 Musical Design   
B8 T.L. & A.   
B9 Nervous Nirvana   
B10 Donald Harvey

Sore Az A Whore

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