Friday, November 27, 2015

Various ‎– Testament

A1 Zbigniew Karkowski     Under The Spell Of Zombie Agressor   
A2 Leif Elggren     Ventilation (The Homecoming)   
B1 Kent Tankred     Razim II (Bypass)   
   Phauss In Search For The Gold  
B2     – 1st Suite: Hell Rain In Paradise   
B3     – 2nd Suite: Conversation With Norwegian Horse Whores   
C1 Rune Lindblad Death Struggle   
C2 Rune Lindblad Toten Kampf   
C3 Rune Lindblad Dodskamp   
D Jane Studer     The Listening Room   
E Agog     Seven Stiple Inoculation   
F Gum     Okefenokee   
G1 Voice Crack     Sharky Delight   
G2 Voice Crack     Rugged Voice   
H1 Nachtluft     Transition   
H2 Appi     Haben Sie Kopfschmerzen?   
I Lt Caramel     Homage Au Fuetre   
J Cranioclast     ...While Walking Down The Street


Monday, November 23, 2015

Doppelwirkung - E


Various ‎– Paradoxical Paralysis

A1 Marias Bad     Fenrefaen    
A2 Skeletal Remains Catherine Williamson    
A3 DSIP Somnosections (Degree Of Heat/Colour-Remix)    
B1 Bjørn MagnhildøenI.N.C.A    
B2 Maeror Tri     Tremor    
B3 Geistesabwesendes Ableben Genickstarre    
B4 Purple Ohm     Jedenfalls Besser Nict....Außerdam Womit    

Paradoxical Paralysis

Various ‎– Weißer Tod

A1 Kopfschmerztablette     -   
A2 Nostalgie Eternelle     Suspense   
A3 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Unrivalled   
A4 Suicide Commando     The Body Greeds For The New   
A5 Bestattungsinstitut     Exhumiertes Brandopfer   
A6 Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Crystallized Sugar   
A7 Kopfschmerztablette     -   
A8 Bestattungsinstitut     Schnee Für Die Adren   
A9 Nostalgie Eternelle     Insanety

 Weißer Tod

Falso Movimento ‎– Spinbox Rec

A1 Due Teste Matte
A2 Strato_Sfera
A3 Io Divarico, Tu Divarichi
A4 Futurama
B1 Bzzzzzzzzz
B2 Formica, A
B3 Formica, B
B4 Oltre Il Confine
B5 Il Corno Del Bufalo
B6 Alberto Il Savio

Spinbox Rec

Markus Schwill - Assholes Are Dancing

A1 2-5a Disco   
A2 In Trouble (Crime Version)   
A3 Runaway Collector I   
A4 Poison Shoes   
A5 Erster Blickfang   
B1 Der Medientyrann   
B2 Schlag auf Schlag   
B3 Dear Neighbours (instrumental)   
B4 La Soulever 1   
B5 La Soulever 2

Assholes Are Dancing

Ambulatorio Segreto ‎– Earthday

A1 Balla Balla   
A2 Painting Claudio   
A3 Considerartion In C   
A4 Aroma (Fresh Mix)   
A5 Vieni A Spostare Il Camion   
B1 Russian Roulette   
B2 Ma Tour   
B3 Tavoloacidulo   
B4 Libera L'Anima Et Il Corpo   
B5 A Coctail With Jelzin   
B6 End Of The Party (All At Home)

Une Le Wurg Production ‎– 1986 Completed Material From 1986

A1 Untitled    
A2 Untitled    
A3 Untitled    
A4 Untitled    
A5 Untitled    
A6 Trart    
A7 Audioelle Manie    
B1 Kuck Doch Mal    
B2 Close Your Eyes And Listen    
B3 Electrical Paper (No. 12)    
B4 Inscure    
B5 Wer Nicht Betet, Sündigt    
B6 It Feels Like The Last Orgasm    
B7 Chrashing Hours    
B8 Again And Again


Various - France

A1 X-Ray Pop     Touf Touf   
A2 Aehos Rectitude No. 4   
A3 Brume Panzerfaust 3   
A4 La Sonorité Jaune     Reha   
A5 Sempiternels L'Annunciation (Du Vide)   
A6 Betrayal Mauri   
A7 Vox Populi!     Let Us Get Higher   
A8 Hänzel & Gretzel C'Est Le Père Sadique   
A9 Hänzel & Gretzel Teutir Spregue   
B1 M. Nomized*     The Girl In The Sweating Room   
B2 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Bloody Slime, Significant Symbol For The Force Of Tedious Habits
B3 Costes Fart In My Face   
B4 Bernard Donzel-Gargand & Philippe Moënne-Loccoz Cellules   
B5 Totentanz     Future Prospects   
B6 RWA     Jesus Trash Can   
B7 Alain Basso     Poussières Dans L'Extase   
B8 X Non X     Loiseau Malade   
B9 Nos Yeux Aveugles     Z.T.T.01