Friday, June 12, 2015

Gorgonzola Legs - Bunker

A1 Fishing With The Black Cow In The Movies
A2 Have You Seen Me On The Tree Quay
B1 Caligari's Call Girls
B2 Three's A Crowd/No Gnus Is Good Gnus
A3 Honi Swahili Qui Mali Pense


Gorgonzola Legs ‎– Short Stories

A1 The Performance   
A2 Kumuro   
A3 Mr. Longmower   
A4 Nakiowa   
A5 The Situation Under Water   
A6 So Near   
A7 D.D. Unsan!   
B1 Fat   
B2 Lwenteo   
B3 Faces Of Pain   
B4 Masaki   
B5 Flatlands   
B6 Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Short Stories

Monday, June 8, 2015

Der Pilz ‎– Skräp

Deleted / C-Drik ‎– Hopeless Dreams

A1 Rue Morne   
A2 Zentrum Des Stadt   
A3 Workers   
A4 Sur Une Plage   
A5 Ride On A Bicycle   
A6 Hopeless Dreams   
A7 Der Götze   
B1 ...Un Rêve   
B2 Indifférences   
B3 Waltz Of The Immortal Death   
B4 Ronde Des Fous   
B5 Escape   
B6 Sturz   
B7 Zurückgezogens Leben   
B8 Morne Rue    

Hopeless Dreams