Monday, February 9, 2015

Multum In Parvo

A1 Region Five Kara Ki
A2 Region Five     Fata Morgana   
A3 Region Five     Erhöhung   
A4 Region Five     Gliding   
A5 A.C.F.     Wrench   
A6 (Q.S.O.)     Quasar Stellar Objects   
A7 SF.1b  Mechanical Bent   
B1 Holy Atheist Minimal   
B2 Holy Atheist Minimal Too   
B3 Vrije Blow Up   
B4 Zircon & The Burning Brains   Övalture
Multum In Parvo

Une Le Wurg Production ‎– Die Kunst Ist Vergaenglich

This Window - Jude The Obscure

A1 Morning    
A2 6.25.40    
A3 Memories    
A4 Duck/Chow    
A5 Obvious    
A6 Last Man    
A7 Pain 2    
A8 In Porto    
B1 Bridal Day    
B2 A Man    
B3 Pheonix    
B4 Concerned Enquiry    
B5 I Wait    
B6 Birth    
B7 Abbo

Jude The Obscure