Friday, November 27, 2015

Various ‎– Testament

A1 Zbigniew Karkowski     Under The Spell Of Zombie Agressor   
A2 Leif Elggren     Ventilation (The Homecoming)   
B1 Kent Tankred     Razim II (Bypass)   
   Phauss In Search For The Gold  
B2     – 1st Suite: Hell Rain In Paradise   
B3     – 2nd Suite: Conversation With Norwegian Horse Whores   
C1 Rune Lindblad Death Struggle   
C2 Rune Lindblad Toten Kampf   
C3 Rune Lindblad Dodskamp   
D Jane Studer     The Listening Room   
E Agog     Seven Stiple Inoculation   
F Gum     Okefenokee   
G1 Voice Crack     Sharky Delight   
G2 Voice Crack     Rugged Voice   
H1 Nachtluft     Transition   
H2 Appi     Haben Sie Kopfschmerzen?   
I Lt Caramel     Homage Au Fuetre   
J Cranioclast     ...While Walking Down The Street


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