Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Red - Deichbruch

I do not have the cover art for this one.  Wonderful New Wave tape. 

A1 Victim Of Beauty    
A2 K.C.D.Y.    
A3 I'll Fly Every Night    
B1 One Gigantic Repression    
B2 I Wish It Will Rain    
B3 Deichbruch    
B4 Watching The Street


Red - Walking In The Park

A1 Walking In The Park    
A2 Rooftop    
A3 God Save America    
B1 Red    
B2 The Landed

Walking In The Park

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cacophony '33' ‎– Alumina Wrap

A1 Aerialdom (Dedicated To NER)
A2 Bakeout    
A3 Gillian In The Thundergarden    
B1 Ten Year Mix    
B2 Panda Parade    
B3 Shoot The Ming    
B4 Flexion Finale

Alumina Wrap

Another Headache ‎– Nothing Definate

A1 The Cacophony Continues   
A2 Cacophony Concerto 2nd Movement   
A3 Cacophony Concerto 3nd Movement   
B1 Factory Floor   
B2 A Piece Of Wendy   
B3 Twilights Last Gleaming

Nothing Definate

Cacophony '33' ‎– Carboot

A Carboot One
B Carboot Two


Another Headache ‎– Serendipity EP

A1 Introduction
A2 Near Death
B Go Slow

Serendipity EP