Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Severe Pig

A1 When Rain Cries
A2 The Human Prospect
A3 Why?
A4 Butthole OD #1
A5 Your Laughter
A6 Everyday Part 1    
A7 Everyday Part 2
A8 Natter Natter Monster
A9 Murder On The Elfengrund    
B1 Morale, Welfare & Recreation    
B2 Joel Selvin Can't Dance    
B3 Tongue Thrust    
B4 Strange Sea Battles
B5 The Butt-Bird Fails In Its Attempt To Fly    
B6 Thalidomide Dinosaur    
B7 Successful Demented Old Fucks    
B8 Barfing Butterflies    
B9 Battle For The Bubble

Severe Pig

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DC-P - Bettan

A1 Message From The Temple    
A2 Bettan Står I Baren, Baren Är Mitt Mål, Bettan Är Baren    
B1 Dödgrävaren


Monday, March 3, 2014

P.C.R. ‎– The Power Of Blindness

A1 Instantaneously Drown
A2 Eastward Slip    
A3 The One-Eyed King
A4 Zwischen Knochenrissen I
A5 A Great Big Kiss
B1 Sacrifice For Love    
B2 A Man Is Close To Nothing
B3 Zwischen Knochenrissen II
B4 Blue Deepening Into Purple    

The Power Of Blindness

Crawling With Tarts ‎– Operas

A1 Grand Surface Noise Opera N°.2    
A2 Cameo    
B1 Bee Opera    
B2 Orses Opera


Strafe Für Rebellion ‎– A Soundless Message Of Death

A1 Thousand Heads Are Fond Of Rolling   
A2 Black Widow   
A3 A Soundless Message Of Death   
A4 Hochofenballett   
B1 Запад (Westen)   
B2 Have You Ever Seen   
B3 Любовь (Liebe)

A Soundless Message Of Death

Mother Tongue ‎– Open In Obscurity

A Geelgalayah   
B1 Who   
B2 Wind Carved My Face   
B3 Lying In The Desert   
B4 The Humble Man   
B5 Heart

Open In Obscurity