Monday, November 24, 2014

Konstruktivists ‎– The Last Moments Of 1923

A1 Devils Triangle   
A2 Last Post   
A3 Post Mortem   
A4 Erazerhead   
A5 23rd Trip   
B1 Real Surreal   
B2 Attack/You   
B3 Autoghosts   
B4 Wee Hear All   
B5 Francis Bacon   
B6 Black On Black   
B7 Assault On Precinct 13

The Last Moments Of 1923


  1. Thank you,
    finally a good rip for this masterpiece!
    Recently, I discovered that there's another cassette made in 1982 with the same title (see
    It would be interesting if someone could find infomations about it!.
    Many thanks.