Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Various ‎– The Bright Side Of Life

A1 Bill Jones Show, The The Bright Old Sunny Days    
A2 Sosumi CD Players In Outer Space    
A3 Original Kick Our Time Has Come    
A4 Usui Aioi     Good Morning Korean Girls    
A5 48 Cameras     The Perfect Use Of Ashes    
A6 Schmertz Der Welten     Ich Werde Mich Niemals Erschiessen    
A7 Harald Sack Ziegler     Sie Riecht So Gut    
A8 Greenhouse Effect Racers    
A9 Sheep Look Up, The     Gedankenlose Zeit    
A10 MJB 90 Anywhere With You    
A11 Bonzo Can't Live Without You (Live)    
A12 Flammable Mammals Modern World    
A13 K. D. Schmitz Where The Hell's The Brighter Side Of Life ?    
A14 Toshiyuki Hiraoka C'Est Pas Juste !    
B1 L'Edarps A Moth Der Wald Stirbt    
B2 Main Concept Münchens Diktatur    
B3 Terry Eason     Dead Door Jam    
B4 Sheep Look Up, The     Headless    
B5 Lord Litter     The Modern Show    
B6 MJB 90 Love Is...    
B7 B.R.D. Man Spricht Deutsch    
B8 Sosumi I Work 4 My Car    
B9 Plastic Eye Miracle     Stewball    
B10 Slimy Glue     Bumper    
B11 GVS You'll Know Better    
B12 Juniper Hill Doktor Lustvoll    
B13 Baltus Sommer    
B14 M.J. Bowman Brighter    
B15 Herr Albrecht Henry    
B16 48 Cameras     Smile With A Sigh / An End

The Bright Side Of Life

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