Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Various ‎– 3 Into 1 Vol. 2

A1 Berseker Honkaragon    
A2 Die Rache Bandlaeufer    
B1 Die Rache Extromat    
B2 Not 1/2 Legacy 2: Military Budgets    
B3 Not 1/2 Death To The Great Satin

3 Into 1 Vol. 2


  1. do you happen to have volume 3 of this? that would be great! I love to hear my own piece again... it's lost from my archive

    1. Sorry to say I do not Frans.

      But I received this from an individual over in Arnhem, I sent him a message inquiring abut that.

  2. oke, keep me informed and post right away if you have.... i didn't make a backup copy back then, clockwork doesn't seem to have it anymore, so it's a bit vague. i do remember it was not my finest moment. i'd love a wav of it!

    1. Yes, MW lost a lot of his Clockwork Tapes over the years(He himself was quite ecstatic I was even able to find these ones) Of course I will, and will let you know if I do receive it(or not)