Monday, May 12, 2014

Cacophony '33' ‎– Alumina Wrap

A1 Aerialdom (Dedicated To NER)
A2 Bakeout    
A3 Gillian In The Thundergarden    
B1 Ten Year Mix    
B2 Panda Parade    
B3 Shoot The Ming    
B4 Flexion Finale

Alumina Wrap


  1. ULTRA MEGA THANXXX!! I love your blog! Salute from Czech.... Robert

  2. great post...I happy to have this one too

    I guess it is really important to mention that original insert credited "Aerialdom" be dedicated to NER...Death In June influence on this track impossible to I think it is reasonable to tag it as "Aerialdom (dedicated to NER)"

    also Panda Parad consists from two different parts...I split it up for myself and I suggest the same for others)))

    thank you Luca you are my hero

    1. Hmm, I myself am missing the insert, so I appreciate the information. Thank You

      Glad to be of service kind stranger!