Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Severe Pig

A1 When Rain Cries
A2 The Human Prospect
A3 Why?
A4 Butthole OD #1
A5 Your Laughter
A6 Everyday Part 1    
A7 Everyday Part 2
A8 Natter Natter Monster
A9 Murder On The Elfengrund    
B1 Morale, Welfare & Recreation    
B2 Joel Selvin Can't Dance    
B3 Tongue Thrust    
B4 Strange Sea Battles
B5 The Butt-Bird Fails In Its Attempt To Fly    
B6 Thalidomide Dinosaur    
B7 Successful Demented Old Fucks    
B8 Barfing Butterflies    
B9 Battle For The Bubble

Severe Pig