Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Context – Again Structures - Product 48

A1 Again Structures   
B1 Again Structures   

Again Structures - Product 48

Markus Schwill Und Sein Künstler Töten Künstler

A1 The Romarri    
A2 The Hitch-Hiker    
A3 Die Friesen Haben Es Schwer    
A4 Besorgnis    
B1 Hühnerpunk    
B2 Zweckfreundschaft II    
B3 Eine Kerze    
B4 Back To Aurich    
B5 Bescheidend    
B6 Duplikat    
B7 Frieden    
B8 A Call 2    

Markus Schwill Und Sein Künstler Töten Künstler

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dieter Müh ‎– Stockholm Monsters

I have been a fan of Dieter Müh for about six or seven years now, ever since I came upon Cari Saluti from EE Tapes.  Anyway, I purchased this not too long ago, a great live performance of his live in Fylkingen in 2001. Since I am all the way in Canada and I doubt he would touch the soil of my city, I consider this one a treat.  Very many thanks to Steve for letting this be here.  

If you are interested in anything Müh related(or just musings or to find something musically different) I suggest you check out MuhMur.  

Stockholm Monsters

Monday, February 17, 2014

Teen Lesbians & Animals ‎– 2000 Lesbian DJ's

A1 Lezbeans    
A2 Valsalva Maneuver    
A3 Rhythm Slave    
A4 Turn It Up!    
A5 Fan Death 2000    
A6 Jesus Wept    
A7 Redhorse Of War    
A8 Racer X
B1 Intro    
B2 Bum Rush The Sound    
B3 Stereo Surprize Medley    
B4 Valsalva Maneuver    
B5 Turn It Up!    
B6 Rhythm Slave

2000 Lesbian DJ's

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tesendalo / Doc Wör Mirran / ANA Orchester ‎– Sewing Me, Sewing You

A Sewing Me, Sewing You
B Pop Goes The Knut

Sewing Me, Sewing You

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Falling To Achieve Freedom

A1 O Theo (Conterpoint To A Blowjob)   
A2 Joking Red Ladies Head   
B1 Help, We Need A Melody #3   
B2 Old McDonalds    

Falling To Achieve Freedom

Abschied Aus Berne - Kompilation Hamburger Geräuschmusik

A1 Genickschuss – Gnade   
A2 Asmus Tietchens – Ice Detlev Fichtner - Hin   
A3 TBC – Heimkehr   
A4 Umschöpfung: Selenfleh – Fliegenwiese 3 Stunnel Oder 2 Stunnel   
B1 Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide – Ingis Fatuus   
B2 G. Reznićek – Oberlicht   
B3 Y-Ton-G – Ohne Titel   
B4 Robert Klammer – Ohne Titel   
B5 Klangkrieg – Wieder Gut

Kompilation Hamburger Gerauschmusik

Adolf Wölfli - Graeme Revell, Nurse With Wound And Déficit Des Années Antérieures ‎– Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles - The Music Of Adolf Wölfli

Alpha1     Graeme Revell Necropolis, Amphibians And Reptiles   
Alpha2     Graeme Revell Countess Saladine   
Alpha3     Graeme Revell Chimpnags-Apes Of The Union Canada: America   
Alpha4     Graeme Revell Allgebrah   
Alpha5     Graeme Revell Ebony Tower In The Orient. Water Fanfare No.1   
Alpha6     Graeme Revell The Balli
Beta1   Déficit Des Années Antérieures St. Adolf's Comet
Beta2  Déficit Des Années Antérieures Natural Fhorm Of TheHolyLightIsland InThe Pacific Ocean  
Beta3     Déficit Des Années Antérieures Rahma Margarine
Beta4     Nurse With Wound Lea Tantaaria
Beta5     Nurse With Wound Great-God-Father-Nieces 
Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles - The Music Of Adolf Wölfli

Kaa Antilope ‎– VPRO RadioNome - April 2 1982

A1 Tribute To Walter Spiess    
A2 Red Bushes    
A3 The Break Of Day    
A4 Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird
A5 Arabesque (Dear JP)    
B1 Island Girl's Game    
B2 Les Rameurs    
B3 India (Blood Like Mud)    
B4 Fifty Meters Deep    
B5 Burning Ashes     

  VPRO RadioNome - April 2 1982

Pseudo Code Moon Effect

A1 Moon Effect
A2 Memories
B1 No Desire
B2 Slow Defeat
B3 Real Action

Moon Effect

Sleep Chamber ‎– Siamese Succubi

A1 Cat Woman   
A2 Anakonda   
A3 Cockwork   
B1 Animal Magnatism   
B2 X-Ta-See (MMDA)

Siamese Succubi