Friday, December 6, 2013

Various The Netherlands

A1 John V. – Let's Stay Together       
A2 Kapotte Muziek – Audio Placio 6       
A3 Weltschmerz – Even Toothache Is Better       
A4 Dva Met Dva Nichts – Hoskins 1       
A5 Winter – Ik Wil Winter       
A6 Comrades Creating – Charity       
A7 Honeymoon Production – Beuys: Hand And The Red Guard       
B1 Gorgonzola Legs – The Performance       
B2 Dva Met Dva Nichts & Post Destruction Music – Treffer Excerpt 5       
B3 Splendor Solis – Religion Hate       
B4 Havre – Fear And Sacrifices       
B5 Beequeen – Acteon: Koek Live Ekko (13/1/89)       
B6 Odal – Untitled       
B7 Y Create – Life In A Day

The Netherlands

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