Sunday, September 8, 2013

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide ‎– The Current Status

A1 Sprouting Germs (Time-Lapse)       
A2 Cockpit-Command (African-Dub-Version)       
A3 Break 1->5 (Walky-Talky-Funk-Mix)       
A4 Open-Minded       
A5 Salutel       
A6 The Sacrament (Blood-In-The-Heart-Mix)       
A7 Levity       
A8 Intraventricular Infusion       
B1 Cream Cakes (Teatime Mix)       
B2 Singing Like Mad       
B3 Who Am I? (Mirror-Reflection-Mix)       
B4 Searching For A Needle       
B5 Slow Wave Sleep (Sephadex G-10)       
B6 Come With Me       
B7 Mysterious Beauty (Original Version)       
B8 For Fear Of Spiders

The Current Status