Monday, December 9, 2013

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Doc Wör Mirran

A1 Life Of The Beached Whale   
A2 59 I Pool   
A3 Meeting Extravegance        
A4 Self Automated Patch #1   
A5 Avocado Marketing Techniques #1        
A6 Help, We Need A Melody        
B1 Avocado Marketing Techniques #2        
B2 Self Automated Patch #2        
B3 When A Girl Lives Alone       
B4 Tribute To The Music Of Raisin Bran Trust        
B5 Patchwork Park Security        
B6 Self Automated Patch #3

Doc Wör Mirran

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Attention Spam

Side One
1 Ben Droppings Part Two       
2 Immer Noch Nicht Ohne Meine Mama       
3 Ben Droppings Part Three       
4 The Colossal Dork       
  Side Two
5 Leonhard Skynhead       
6 The Amazing Colossal Dork       
  Side Three
7 Attention Spam       
  Side Four
8 Some Sort Of Edge Part One       
9 Bimbo Bimbern       
10 Knut Joins Our Ranks       
  Side Five
11 Return Of The Amazing Colossal Dork       
  Side Six
12 Bono Is A Boner       
13 Zorking Class Hero       
14 Some Sort Of Edge Part Two

Attention Spam

Doc Wör Mirran - Bimbern

A1 Bimbern 1       
A2 Bimbern 2       
B1 Mask 5       
B2 Bimbern 3       
C Bimbern 4       
D Tell Rigid Records To Fuck Off


Doc Wör Mirran ‎Brocolli June Harvest

A1 Frau Kalb Can Go To Hell
A2 Kamophlag Emporium

A3 Patterns That Maim Again
A4 Iggy's Poop In Stereo

A5 Number Twenty Eight

B1 Number Thirty Nine

B2 Happy On Your Side

B3 Brocolli June Harvest Part 2

B4 Peggy Sue

B5 Happyville Train

B6 We A Lyyy

‎Brocolli June Harvest

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tesendalo - 2

A1 Angst   
A2 Wehnelt   
A3 Blassen - Pressen   
A4 Unlöslich   
B1 Vorwärmzone        
B2 Heptadekan        
B3 Unzucht


Exterminator Love-Songs

Minóy – Nervous Complaint

A1 Nervous Complaint       
B1 91890JH20       
B2 Funhouse (Memphis, 1977)

Nervous Complaint

Minóy Its No Game

A Its No Game
B Philadelphia Street (Memphis, Christmas, 1975)

Its No Game

Various Gears=Sextwo

A1 Bill Mackechnie & Chris Marion III – Samadhi        
A2 Abessinier – Part 1        
A3 Merzbow – Trouble Coming Everyday        
A4 Alien Planetscapes – Everybody's Mad At Amerikkka        
A5 Glatze Des Willens – Balsam Auf Die Wunde        
B1 Der Pitz – (Extract)        
B2 Dave Prescott – Liberate Academia (Extract)        
B3 Enhanta Bodlar – Le Franda Spindel        
B4 Solanaceae Tau – Anticipation Off        
B5 Disconnected Thoughts – Untitled        


Various The Netherlands

A1 John V. – Let's Stay Together       
A2 Kapotte Muziek – Audio Placio 6       
A3 Weltschmerz – Even Toothache Is Better       
A4 Dva Met Dva Nichts – Hoskins 1       
A5 Winter – Ik Wil Winter       
A6 Comrades Creating – Charity       
A7 Honeymoon Production – Beuys: Hand And The Red Guard       
B1 Gorgonzola Legs – The Performance       
B2 Dva Met Dva Nichts & Post Destruction Music – Treffer Excerpt 5       
B3 Splendor Solis – Religion Hate       
B4 Havre – Fear And Sacrifices       
B5 Beequeen – Acteon: Koek Live Ekko (13/1/89)       
B6 Odal – Untitled       
B7 Y Create – Life In A Day

The Netherlands

Friday, October 4, 2013

Stenka Bazin - Apartheid

Stenka Bazin - Mercenaire

Stenka Bazin - Châtiment Circonflexe

 A1 Vivisection D'Un Segment       
A2 Cosmogonie Lacérée       
A3 Inconvenance Du Mystère Fortuit       
A4 Impression De Béatitude Indirecte       
A5 La Comédie Atténuée De L'Accélération       
A6 Evidence Cosmopolite De La Brosse       
A7 Imcompatibilité Naissante De L'Emblème       
B1 Diffusion Blonde       
B2 Compressor Equidistant       
B3 Confession D'Une Illusion       
B4 Circonstances Béantes       
B5 Requiem De Transition

Châtiment Circonflexe

Stenka Bazin - Guanajuato

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide ‎– The Current Status

A1 Sprouting Germs (Time-Lapse)       
A2 Cockpit-Command (African-Dub-Version)       
A3 Break 1->5 (Walky-Talky-Funk-Mix)       
A4 Open-Minded       
A5 Salutel       
A6 The Sacrament (Blood-In-The-Heart-Mix)       
A7 Levity       
A8 Intraventricular Infusion       
B1 Cream Cakes (Teatime Mix)       
B2 Singing Like Mad       
B3 Who Am I? (Mirror-Reflection-Mix)       
B4 Searching For A Needle       
B5 Slow Wave Sleep (Sephadex G-10)       
B6 Come With Me       
B7 Mysterious Beauty (Original Version)       
B8 For Fear Of Spiders

The Current Status

Monday, July 15, 2013

GM Wallis - Untitled

A1 Veer
A2 The Deepest Ruin
A3 Pyramids On Auto
A4 Metal
A5 4 Solos
A6 2 Solos
B1 ....In Oranee
B2 Nearland
B3 Far-Land
B4 Vagina Dentata Organ
B5 Some Demo
B6 Demo
B7 Demo


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Test Dept. ‎– Live In Birmingham 26.05.83

Context - Changed Music 2

Women Of The SS - Women Of The SS

A1 Silent Weapon        
A2 Dare You Fuck Me        
A3 Sex Experiment >>1        
A4 Sex Experiment >>2        
A5 Sons Of Bitches   
A6 Iron Eagles   
B1 Her Tongue Was An SS Razor        
B2 P 38 Panties        
B3 Taste Her Steel        
B4 Die SS March   
B5 Die Jugend Marschiert       
B6 Stockings, Straps & Swastika's

Women Of The SS

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NKVD Lovers Of Libra

A1 P.T.I. (Version)
A2 Rouge March
A3 Free Form Fetish (Inst.)
A4 Congo
A5 Wahn
A6 Viviola
A7 See You
B1 Bass 1
B2 Bass 2
B3 Mansonic Drop 1
B4 Mansonic Drop 2
B5 Heldon
B6 East Bank
B7 Kiram
B8 Lylah
B9 Death-Trip
B10 Sign-Out

Lovers Of Libra

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Konstruktivits Spanish Movements

A1 Tudor Forest   
A2 Third International   
A3 Desire Part 1    
A4 Desire Part 2        
A5 Joeboy        
A6 Espana Viva Granada   
A7 El Bluesay   
A8 Grey Wolves   
A9 Nonplus   
B1 Nonplus 2   
B2 Ice        
B3 Video Musica   
B4 Industrial Surrealist    
B5 Necropolis   
B6 Your Song        
B7 Our Song 1   
B8 Our Song 2

Spanish Movements

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Konstruktivits ‎Live At The King Charles Ballroom

May 03, 1985.
A1 Kontakt       
A2 After Thee Summer       
A3 Lunatik       

May 11, 1985.
B1 What Would You Say       
B2 Kontakt 2       
B3 After Thee Winter       
B4 Lunatik 2

‎Live At The King Charles Ballroom

Rotterdans Roots Off...#2

This is the first release from Exart Cassettes. 

Roots Off...#2