Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rogues Gallery 1

A1 De Fabriek – Confrontatie        
A2 Elcarna – Le Tronc        
A3 Elcarna – Censor        
A4 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl – Champagne In The Penthouse        
A5 Kapotte Muziek – Sucking (For Kuno Hofmann)        
A6 Big City Orchestra – For We Love No-One        
A7 Big City Orchestra – I Don't Wanna Be The Horsie        
A8 Arnovah – Broken Bones        
A9 Urbain Autopsy – Boredom Ruins        
A10 Costes Cassette* –     Une Emeute Pour Un Synthé        
A11 If, Bwana – Killing Time        
A12 If, Bwana – Wanted, Always        
A13 Louis Pasteur – Sweet Spirit        
B1 No Unauthorized – Trachea Song        
B2 Pacific 231 (2) – Gnose Phone        
B3 Mario Marzidovsek – Serial Dialog        
B4 Berserker –     - - -        
B5 Narzisse – Make You An Offer        
B6 Didier Moulinier – Helena        
B7 Hags – Disturbed Mind And Legs And Sex        
B8 37 Pink – Pumped        
B9 Vivenza – Metallurgy (Live, Eindhoven)        
B10 Haters, The – Diat 4        
B11 FâLX çèrêbRi – A Good Example For Bad Music        
B12 Linea Tactica – Festiva Y Vasta Jarana En Al Bodegon

Rogues Gallery 1

Bogart ‎Requiem

A  Requiem        
B1 Opus A1/2        
B2 Final Synth


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleep Chamber ‎ W:O:M

A1 Leviatan        
A2 Uniform        
A3 Vivasection        
A4 Time Lock        
A5 Inspiration        
A6 Ikon Goddess        
A7 Icehouse        
B1 Dream Distillate        
B2 Subterranean Subhuman        
B3 The Lantern        
B4 Victmm        
B5 Piss On Piss        
B6 Weapons Ov Magick