Friday, August 3, 2012

Aural Fixation

A1 Dreamhouse – La Cucaracha       
A2 Savage Republic – Exodus       
A3 Schlafengarten – Court Dancers       
A4 Schlafengarten – Another Green Baby's On Fire       
A5 Haters – Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time       
A6 Sleepless Knights – Psycho Durge       
A7 Psychological Warfare Branch, The – We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought       
B1 Theatre Of Ice – You Are The Children       
B2 Smersh – The Meandering Profile       
B3 Girls On Fire – My Restrained Anger       
B4 F/i –     Excerpt From "Y"       
B5 Chris Gross  – Carry Me Back       
B6 Chris Gross  – Wrong Song       
B7 Abstract Belief – Insidious Technique       
B8 Youth Hostel – Psycho-Drama Beach Party

 Aural Fixation

1 comment:

  1. This tape began a lifetime obsession with THEATRE OF ICE