Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bogart + S·Core ‎– Pilgrim

A1 Ideal Sozialistisch       
A2 Mesh-Work        
A3 Painless Steel   
A4 Mindless And Lost       
A5 Love Is A Yellow Cake   
A6 Finale Grande   
B1 Clerical Robe   
B2 Flinders       
B3 Swivel Gun
B4 Interior Monologue       
B5 Eternal Sleep   
B6 Pious Fraud


Catharsist ‎Dimension Dementia

A1 Untitled       
A2 Untitled       
A3 Untitled       
A4 Untitled       
A5 Untitled       
A6 Untitled       
B Dimension Dementia

Dimension Dementia

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aural Fixation

A1 Dreamhouse – La Cucaracha       
A2 Savage Republic – Exodus       
A3 Schlafengarten – Court Dancers       
A4 Schlafengarten – Another Green Baby's On Fire       
A5 Haters – Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time       
A6 Sleepless Knights – Psycho Durge       
A7 Psychological Warfare Branch, The – We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought       
B1 Theatre Of Ice – You Are The Children       
B2 Smersh – The Meandering Profile       
B3 Girls On Fire – My Restrained Anger       
B4 F/i –     Excerpt From "Y"       
B5 Chris Gross  – Carry Me Back       
B6 Chris Gross  – Wrong Song       
B7 Abstract Belief – Insidious Technique       
B8 Youth Hostel – Psycho-Drama Beach Party

 Aural Fixation

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slave Ant Raid

First cassette release on Sound Of Pig

A1 Sartorial Correctness – Demolition Worker        
A2 Paranoid Systems Of History – Mystique Cabinet        
A3 Paranoid Systems Of History – Worms        
A4 Smersh – Noxious Fumes Week        
A5 Buckets – Live At The Talent Show        
A6 Buckets – Destruction Of The Disjunctive Syllogism        
A7 Sadistic Gossip – Camus's Car Crash        
A8 If, Bwana – Slave Ant Raid        
B1 1/2 Japanese – Lucky Star        
B2 Senseless Hate – Time To Destroy The Ants Again        
B3 Senseless Hate – Claw Hammer        
B4 Jumbo Zen –     Business First, Pleasure Second        
B5 Haters, The – Been Static Apart Now It Came With A Rush        
B6 Walls Of Genius – Amerika Futura        
B7 Walls Of Genius – Tone Death

Slave Ant Raid

Kapotte Muziek & Context ‎– Verbindungen

A: Metrohypnotics B: H Zwei O