Monday, May 14, 2012

Swamptape 1

    Sunny Side

A1 Bram D. – Baseball Mix        
A2 Nostalgie Eternelle – We Only Feed Ourselves        
A3 Kees Beukelaar – Airlock        
A4 Age Of Anxiety – The Chosen Ones        
A5 factor X – Amix 1        
A6 Cancel – Swampchildren        
A7 Das Fett – The Light        
A8 Due  – Osiko        
A9 Clemp Yod – Zwart/Wit 1        
A10 Amanda Man – Sunchild        


B1 Vidna Obmana – Drone Illusion Pt 3        
B2 Edsong Bramtone – Liesken In Love        
B3 Voices In The Distance, The – Silence        
B4 Jos Van Duijne – Infidelity        
B5 L.S.D.  – Sad Wind        
B6 Zandamess – We Didn't Say That        
B7 Kees Beukelaar – Home Is Where The Heart Is        
B8 RåT – And Still The War Dragged On        
B9 Trio Penotti – Rain In My Face

Swamptape 1 

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