Monday, May 14, 2012

Harsh Reality Locals Only Comp.

A1 Mental Anguish – Ejackulation & Masturbation        
A2 Cancerous Growth – Celestial Vibrations #2        
A3 Swinebolt 45 – Sewer Grate        
A4 Skoptzies – 3:32 A.M. Rain        
A5 Misfeasance – Untitled        
B1 Viktimized Karcass – Talking About Crack        
B2 Cephalic Index – I Want To See The Children Play        
B3 Mental Anguish & Nomuzic – Jumping Off The Point        
B4 Angwana – Happy Mothers Day Excerpt        
B5 Jeff Central & Mental Anguish – Untitled        
B6 Mid Cult Matrix – Fugitive Squad Excerpt       

Harsh Reality Locals Only Comp 

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