Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Human Flesh A Collection Of Ambiant Music: Volume 1

A1 Second Mirage        
A2 Third Mirage        
A3 Fourth Mirage        
A4 Fifth Mirage        
A5 Sixth Mirage        
A6 Seventh Mirage        
B1 Eight Mirage        
B2 Ninth Mirage        
B3 Tenth Mirage        
B4 Eleventh Mirage        
B5 Twelfth Mirage        
B6 Thirteenth Mirage        
B7 Fourteenth Mirage        
B8 Fifteenth Mirage

A Collection Of Ambiant Music: Volume 1


  1. Many, many thanks for this "impossible to find" lost masterpiece. This complete the Human Flesh discography.
    Great work!
    Alex T - El Topo

  2. Hi !
    No more than ALEX T said ... Many many thanks for sharing this great tape !
    Ps : visit my new blog "strange sounds for strange people". I'll try to do my best to upload some rare stuff...

  3. You’re welcome to both of you

    To Alex: Maybe, but it isn't exactly concrete discography, we are relying on discogs which is quite unreliable. Also, there was other planned volumes of ambient music, but it fell through (with the label) so this is rather a permanent completion of human flesh's work

    yyesod9, I have been enjoying your posts, keep it up, also I like your own work as well, and please continue that too.

  4. WoW!
    Great Post!
    Thanks a lot!

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  6. Thanks for this, Luca!

  7. Thank you very much!.