Monday, March 26, 2012

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Out Now

A1 Cockpit-Command (Ultima-Truncheon-Mix)
A2 The Sacrament (Zyancali-In-The-Heart-Mix)
A3 Cockpit-Command (Squash-Room-Remix)
B1 Cream-Cakes (I Prefer-Chocolate-Cakes-Mix)
B2 Breathless Hurdler (Marathon-Sweat-Mix)
B3 Deadlock (Final-Offensive-Mix)
B4 The Sacrament (Delay-In-Melody-Mix)

Out Now( As Of 07-04-13)

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  1. hi there
    i posted lots of DSIP tape-works on this blog; vita ignes corpus
    also i tried to write there few info about this great duo from germany...enjoy ...