Saturday, February 18, 2012

Woundz Never Heal! Volume 1

A1     Big City Orchestra – Grindy Windey         
A2     Mental Anguish – You Just Gotta        
A3     Darren Copeland – The Faces In Movement         
A4     Cephalic Index – Lead Before Leg         
A5     Viktimized Karcass – Talking About Crack         
A6     Animation Festival – Basis For Our Religion         
A7     Jazz-N-Git-Fat – Single Me Out         
A8     White Cancerous Hand Growth – Subjugate         
A9     Opera – Just A Love Song         
B1     Swinebolt 45 – No Apologies         
B2     Stream Of Unconsciousness – Cheese Results         
B3     Randy Greif – Shell Mantra Of The Dayak         
B4     Semantics Could Vanish – Trudgeryrosary         
B5     Joe Carnation – Letters         
B6     Kopfschmerztablette – Bus Stop Of New Life         
B7     Die Rache – Tal Section 21         
B8     Jeff Central – Exotique         
B9     Pop Druids – Untitled         
B10     Pierre Perret –    La Mer (Excerpt)

Woundz Never Heal! Volume 1( As Of 07-04-13) 


  1. Any chance for Volume 2?
    This compilation is excellent!
    Thank you.
    All the best.

    1. Sadly no. This was given to me by one of the artists on this tape, and his ex girlfriend decided to copy volume 2 over with Dust In The Wind by Kansas.

    2. I can see why she is an ex now.