Monday, February 27, 2012


A1 The Haters Eoude        
A2 Solanaceae Tau Teuton        
A3 Nostalgie Eternelle Dormant Places        
A4 LSD Ironie Siderurgische        
A5 Bestattungsinstitute    Liquor Cerebrospinalis        
B1 Splendor Solis Afflicted History        
B2 Doc Wör Mirran Joe Must Aufs Kloh #3        
B3 Viktimized Karcass Stuck In The Pan To Fry        
B4 Phaeton Derniere Danse Chantons La Valentina!        
B5 Disism Next Please



A1 Grey Wolves None Filled Wolves       
A2 Excercise In Patience First Loop Impression       
A3 Die Rache Kein Morgen Mehr       
A4 Saint-Tin Stop Me Mountain       
B1 Anatol Sucher Battleground       
B2 Berserker Tear Apart If Its Too Smart       
B3 Siegmar Fricke Sky Bikes       
B4 Solanaceae Tau Tenton       
B5 Sack Plastic Blume       
B6 No Unauthorized Il A Reussi (Remix)       
B7 M.Nomized Temps Reel

 Gears=Sexfour (07-0-13)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


A1 Levolksburo Reefer Club        
A2 Odvazini Bobrici Vsichni Jednow Umrem        
A3 PCR Elmex        
A4 Die Rache Belzec (R)        
A5 John E Blood Simple        
A6 Tesendalo P/W II        
A7 Kopfschmerztablette Calling Carliee        
A8 Context Product 5        
B1 X-Ray Pop Bouc        
B2 Performing Art, The Rush Hour        
B3 Exterminator Das Pop Lied        
B4 Spheric CornerSong For Mankind        
B5 Hello & Der 7. Versuch Hello        
B6 Doc Wör Mirran I Fell In Love With A Bag Lady        
B7 Russ Spiegal Terrazine

Gears=Sexone(As Of 07-04-13)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Woundz Never Heal! Volume 1

A1     Big City Orchestra – Grindy Windey         
A2     Mental Anguish – You Just Gotta        
A3     Darren Copeland – The Faces In Movement         
A4     Cephalic Index – Lead Before Leg         
A5     Viktimized Karcass – Talking About Crack         
A6     Animation Festival – Basis For Our Religion         
A7     Jazz-N-Git-Fat – Single Me Out         
A8     White Cancerous Hand Growth – Subjugate         
A9     Opera – Just A Love Song         
B1     Swinebolt 45 – No Apologies         
B2     Stream Of Unconsciousness – Cheese Results         
B3     Randy Greif – Shell Mantra Of The Dayak         
B4     Semantics Could Vanish – Trudgeryrosary         
B5     Joe Carnation – Letters         
B6     Kopfschmerztablette – Bus Stop Of New Life         
B7     Die Rache – Tal Section 21         
B8     Jeff Central – Exotique         
B9     Pop Druids – Untitled         
B10     Pierre Perret –    La Mer (Excerpt)

Woundz Never Heal! Volume 1( As Of 07-04-13) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mental Anguish / P. C. R. Split

A1 Mental Anguish –     Red Sky's Of Mars       
A2 Mental Anguish –     Heed The Call Of The Martians       
B1 P. C. R. –     C'est Magnifique-laguerre       
B2 P. C. R. –     The Devil Weeps To Be Redeemed       
B3 P. C. R. –     Augen Der Idioten

 Split ( As Of 07-10-13)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PCR In The Land Of Cerberus

A1 In Der Nacht Sterben        
A2 Horror        
A3 A Great Big Kiss        
A4 Das Radiolied        
A5 Arnold Schoenberg Letters        
B1 Australian Monks        
B2 Passage        
B3 Cerberus        
B4 Standstill

In The Land Of Cerberus(Re Up As Of 08-08-13)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doc Wör Mirran Overtly Groin

A1 You Are Not Allowed To Hear This
A2 Overtly Groin Part 1
B1 Fraulein Niemand Jerks Off
B2 Sexesmono
B3 Laughing At Nudity
B4 Overtly Groin Part 2

Overtly Groin (Re Up As Of 06-05-13)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mail Compilation Project

         Winter Side

A1     Amy Changing Wind (Into Fire)       
A2     Amy Sunchild       
A3     Messy Lost Lives       
A4     Messy Full Moon Activity       
A5     Messy Another Blade       
A6     Messy Magick Veins       
A7     Kronstadt In Deinem Kopf       
A8     Kronstadt Zehnmal Im Leben       
A9     Kronstadt Weiter       
A10   Amy Greetings From Swampland       
         Spring Side

B1     Die Rache Bitte Nicht       
B2     Einsteins Erinnerungen Das Ewige Schmert       
B3     Kopfschmerztablette Nur 1 1/2       
B4     Mental Anguish Fools Gold       
B5     Amy Spring Time       
         Summer Side

C1     Lord Litter Into The Hole       
C2     Lord Litter My Roundabout       
C3     Lord Litter Can You See The Real Me?       
C4     Nostalgie Eternelle Get Lost At 3 A.M.       
C5     Nostalgie Eternelle Sadie       
C6     Schaum Der Tage Die Macht       
C7     Schaum Der Tage D.D.Clap       
C8     Lassigue Bendthaus Sanglant       
         Autumn Side

D1     Lassigue Bendthaus Inured       
D2     Collection D'Arnell-Andrea Automne Et Long Silence       
D3     Collection D'Arnell-Andrea Collection       
D4     Opera Multi Steel Si C'Est Ainsi       
D5     Opera Multi Steel Les Douleurs De L'Enui       
D6     Opera Multi Steel Jezabel       
D7     Amy Bey Bey

Mail Compilation Project