Sunday, January 29, 2012


A1 Minimax Maximalminimum  23 Skidoo!
A2 Programacion Infantil  Pabellon De Insomnios
A3 Urban Project Music  Simulation V
A4 Proletkult  Acceleration
A5 PCR Tom
A6 Uvegraf  10000 Visiones Del Dr.Castroviejo
A7 Lustwig Van Biesthoven  Glorimental Smile
A8 Arcueil  The Fisherman And His Soul
A9 Doc Wör Mirran  Another Sighting Of The Great Loch Ness
A10 Merz Infection I
A11 Kopfschmerztablette  Manila High Line
B1 Markus Breuss  Richard Kimball (Partes I A IV)
B2 Die Vorkriegszeit  Antalya
B3 Esplendor Geométrico  Trybuna Del Lavoro
B4 Siegmar Fricke  Clinique Obscure / The Room Was Dark
B5 Orfeon Gagarin  Ephemerol
B6 Roland Schiefnetter  Pyramide I
B7 Marco Dope-Ra  Ethno
B8 Krivoi Rog  Nabla
B9 Context  Product 41
B10 Die Rache  Control System


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  1. Hi there, thanks for the upload. Got any music from Siegmar Fricke?