Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleepchamber Live At The Air Station

Women Of The SS Rigor Romance


Women Of The SS - Woman Iz Beast

A1 Iron Skirt Introduction        
A3 Trying To Please The SS        
A4 Beware, IT Kums        
A5 Slither-You Must        
A6 In Due Time   
B1 Az Kiss A Woman        
B2 Measured In Secret        
B3 Legs So Soft        
B4 Shown Desire        
B5 Punctured        
B6 Will You Watch Me?   
B7 Masterbation Waltz

Woman Iz Beast

Clock DVA White Souls In Black Suits

A1 Consent   
A2 Discontentment       
A3 Still / Silent       
A4 Non        
B1 Relentless        
B2 Contradict        
B3 (Film Soundtrack Keyboards Assemble Themselves At Dawn)   
B4 Anti-Chance

White Souls In Black Suits

Pain Pain

A1 Buigend Riet       
A2 Vitaliteit       
A3 De Overtocht       
A4 Mohikanendans       
A5 Deining       
A6 IJle Lucht Over Zware Grond       
B1 H.M.S.       
B2 Ik Kan Het Niet       
B3 Naderend Geweld       
B4 Ik Hoop Van Niet       
B5 All Those Moments       
B6 Het Dagen Van Een Donkere, Edoch Mooie Morgen       
B7 Tot Dan... En Geluk!


Sempiternels ‎– Ekphrasis

A1 Amphigouri       
A2 Le Parfum De       
B1 Post Tenebras Lux       
B2 Dechirements Organiques       
B3 Chimere


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Konstruktivits Nkvd Heute 2

Tesendalo Tesendalo

A Deutsches Wohnzimmer


The Last Supper

A1 SPK – Ich Klage An (Euthanasia)
A2 SPK – Satori
A3 Gorilla Aktiv – Spiegelbild
A4 Gorilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos
A5 Autentisk Film - Polaroid
A6 Smersh - X, X, X, Going On L
A7 Bourbonese Qualk - In The Flesh
B1 Test Dept. - Forward
B2 Audio Leter - A "Lot" Of Time
B3 Muslimgauze - Metropolis
B4 Muslimgauze - Trans/Time
B5 Tex Mirror H - Silver
B6 Attrition - Mr. Toma (I Looked But It was Gone)

The Last Supper

Cadavres Exquis

A1 Fat – A Rising Damp (Live)        
A2 P16.D4 – Buergerliche Illusion        
A3 Seppuku Gala – Dead Dogs Don't Talk (Live)        
A4 Moisan – Wayback Drive        
A5 Human Flesh – Reds (16th Human Attempt)        
A6 O 39 – Screenplay        
A7 Antoine Williams – Mini-Korg In Tape Loop        
A8 As Slow Rivers Attain The Power Of The Sand Glass – As Slow Rivers...        
A9 Stress Factor – The Mind Of A Murderer        
A10 Bene Gesserit / Van Kaye & Ignit – The Beach        
A11 Legendary Pink Dots, The – Flesh Parade        
A12 Red Shift Sub Unit, The – Corridors Of Sorrow        
B1 Nurse With Wound – Zappo-Leon VII        
B2 Blind Hunters – Into Agonizing Madness        
B3 Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand        
B4 Iaf – Ia12 (The Effect Of Soil Moisture On Sorghum Growth)        
B5 Sylvie And Babs – Call Me Bunny        
B6 Legendary Pink Dots, The – The End Of The World As We Know It        
B7 Blind Hunters – Pauvre Dr. Bernard (Pt.1)        
B8 Blind Hunters – Pauvre Dr. Bernard (Pt.2)        
B9 Human Remains – Human Remains

Cadavres Exquis

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tesendalo Tesendalo

A1 Glashaus       
A2 Drei-Elf       
A3 Sonarinaktiv       
A4 Soherben       
A5 SOL       
A6 Les Maitres Du Temps       
B1 Post Doomsday       
B2 Musik Für Einer Schaufensterpuppe       
B3 Nur Allein       
B4 Geschichten Aus Dem Regenwald       
C1 Er Ist Einer Von Uns       
C2 Der Ritt Auf Den Wal       
C3 Dort Wo Selbst Eskimos Irieren       
D1 Wir, Er Und Kein Andever       
D2 Das Gespräch Der Spiegel


Lille Roger Evil

A Kulturhuset, STHLM, 28-12-84       
B1 Tybble, Örebro, 24-11-84       
B2 Länsmuséet, LKPG, 12-5-85


Monday, September 3, 2012

Sempiternels / Vrischika ‎– Split

A1 Sempiternels – Salto Mortale        
B1 Vrischika – Voyage        
B2 Vrischika – Sculpture & Rotheneuf        
B3 Vrischika – Angoisse        
B4 Vrischika – Afflux Nerveux        
B5 Vrischika – Amoureux De Sa Mort

Sempiternels / Vrischika ‎– Split

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bogart + S·Core ‎– Pilgrim

A1 Ideal Sozialistisch       
A2 Mesh-Work        
A3 Painless Steel   
A4 Mindless And Lost       
A5 Love Is A Yellow Cake   
A6 Finale Grande   
B1 Clerical Robe   
B2 Flinders       
B3 Swivel Gun
B4 Interior Monologue       
B5 Eternal Sleep   
B6 Pious Fraud


Catharsist ‎Dimension Dementia

A1 Untitled       
A2 Untitled       
A3 Untitled       
A4 Untitled       
A5 Untitled       
A6 Untitled       
B Dimension Dementia

Dimension Dementia

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aural Fixation

A1 Dreamhouse – La Cucaracha       
A2 Savage Republic – Exodus       
A3 Schlafengarten – Court Dancers       
A4 Schlafengarten – Another Green Baby's On Fire       
A5 Haters – Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time       
A6 Sleepless Knights – Psycho Durge       
A7 Psychological Warfare Branch, The – We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought       
B1 Theatre Of Ice – You Are The Children       
B2 Smersh – The Meandering Profile       
B3 Girls On Fire – My Restrained Anger       
B4 F/i –     Excerpt From "Y"       
B5 Chris Gross  – Carry Me Back       
B6 Chris Gross  – Wrong Song       
B7 Abstract Belief – Insidious Technique       
B8 Youth Hostel – Psycho-Drama Beach Party

 Aural Fixation

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slave Ant Raid

First cassette release on Sound Of Pig

A1 Sartorial Correctness – Demolition Worker        
A2 Paranoid Systems Of History – Mystique Cabinet        
A3 Paranoid Systems Of History – Worms        
A4 Smersh – Noxious Fumes Week        
A5 Buckets – Live At The Talent Show        
A6 Buckets – Destruction Of The Disjunctive Syllogism        
A7 Sadistic Gossip – Camus's Car Crash        
A8 If, Bwana – Slave Ant Raid        
B1 1/2 Japanese – Lucky Star        
B2 Senseless Hate – Time To Destroy The Ants Again        
B3 Senseless Hate – Claw Hammer        
B4 Jumbo Zen –     Business First, Pleasure Second        
B5 Haters, The – Been Static Apart Now It Came With A Rush        
B6 Walls Of Genius – Amerika Futura        
B7 Walls Of Genius – Tone Death

Slave Ant Raid

Kapotte Muziek & Context ‎– Verbindungen

A: Metrohypnotics B: H Zwei O


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rogues Gallery 1

A1 De Fabriek – Confrontatie        
A2 Elcarna – Le Tronc        
A3 Elcarna – Censor        
A4 Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl – Champagne In The Penthouse        
A5 Kapotte Muziek – Sucking (For Kuno Hofmann)        
A6 Big City Orchestra – For We Love No-One        
A7 Big City Orchestra – I Don't Wanna Be The Horsie        
A8 Arnovah – Broken Bones        
A9 Urbain Autopsy – Boredom Ruins        
A10 Costes Cassette* –     Une Emeute Pour Un Synthé        
A11 If, Bwana – Killing Time        
A12 If, Bwana – Wanted, Always        
A13 Louis Pasteur – Sweet Spirit        
B1 No Unauthorized – Trachea Song        
B2 Pacific 231 (2) – Gnose Phone        
B3 Mario Marzidovsek – Serial Dialog        
B4 Berserker –     - - -        
B5 Narzisse – Make You An Offer        
B6 Didier Moulinier – Helena        
B7 Hags – Disturbed Mind And Legs And Sex        
B8 37 Pink – Pumped        
B9 Vivenza – Metallurgy (Live, Eindhoven)        
B10 Haters, The – Diat 4        
B11 FâLX çèrêbRi – A Good Example For Bad Music        
B12 Linea Tactica – Festiva Y Vasta Jarana En Al Bodegon

Rogues Gallery 1

Bogart ‎Requiem

A  Requiem        
B1 Opus A1/2        
B2 Final Synth


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleep Chamber ‎ W:O:M

A1 Leviatan        
A2 Uniform        
A3 Vivasection        
A4 Time Lock        
A5 Inspiration        
A6 Ikon Goddess        
A7 Icehouse        
B1 Dream Distillate        
B2 Subterranean Subhuman        
B3 The Lantern        
B4 Victmm        
B5 Piss On Piss        
B6 Weapons Ov Magick


Monday, June 4, 2012

Jeepees Soap Featuring Hidden Faces - Message From An Undiscovered Universe

A1 Jeepees Soap – On The Low Ride       
A2 Jeepees Soap – Something's Hiding       
A3 Jeepees Soap – Strangers Song       
A4 Jeepees Soap – After The Stars It's Done       
A5 Jeepees Soap – All Alone After All       
A6 Jeepees Soap – Lost In Control       
A7 Jeepees Soap – Total Frontiers (1st Version)       
B1 Jeepees Soap – I Think It's Over The Rainbow    
B2 Jeepees Soap – Last Temptation       
B3 Jeepees Soap – Innerchina Space       
B4 Hidden Faces – The Black Widow
B5 Hidden Faces – No Destination       
B6 Hidden Faces – Brezjnev Song

Message From An Undiscovered Universe

Deleted Well

A1 Well        
A2 Buto IX        
A3 Venice        
A4 Buto XVIII        
A5 Weeks        
A6 Low Rooms        
A7 Low Down        
A8 Le Corniolon        
A9 En Décapotable        
A10 The Double Cow        
B1 Beyond The Green        
B2 Branches        
B3 Overload        
B4 Buto XIX        
B5 End Of Party        
B6 Buto X        
B7 Glaucous Party        
B8 Life On The Floor        
B9 Rails        
B10 Rollback        
B11 Hector Malabar        
B12 The Train


Deleted Deleted

A1 Façade        
A2 Bénédicte   
A3 Les Sentiments        
A4 Fat Is Fashion        
A5 Cérémonie        
A6 The Dance        
A7 Attendre        
A8 We Repeat        
A9 Beyond The Green   
B1 Silence        
B2 Avancer        
B2 Nowhere        
B4 Mother        
B5 Knife        
B6 The Tempel   
B7 IV        
B8 Vulcan


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Messy A Gift Taken

A1 Reinca        
A2 Icecubes In Love        
A3 Fall-Out        
A4 Wa-Sha-So-Ul        
A5 All These Colours        
A6 Too-She        
A7 Life -Drive        
A8 Inner Dances        
A9 Watching Charley Bean        
A10 Nick-Do Me        
A11 Free (The) Dom

A Gift Taken

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Context ‎– Product 3 - Necrophonie

11 Stücke / 11 Pieces
A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
A3 Untitled
A4 Untitled
A5 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled
B5 Untitled
B6 Untitled

Product 3 - Necrophonie

Messy A Gift Taken Demo

A1 Reinca
A2 Too-She
B1 Free (The) Dom
B2 Life-Drive

A Gift Taken (Demo)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Swamptape 1

    Sunny Side

A1 Bram D. – Baseball Mix        
A2 Nostalgie Eternelle – We Only Feed Ourselves        
A3 Kees Beukelaar – Airlock        
A4 Age Of Anxiety – The Chosen Ones        
A5 factor X – Amix 1        
A6 Cancel – Swampchildren        
A7 Das Fett – The Light        
A8 Due  – Osiko        
A9 Clemp Yod – Zwart/Wit 1        
A10 Amanda Man – Sunchild        


B1 Vidna Obmana – Drone Illusion Pt 3        
B2 Edsong Bramtone – Liesken In Love        
B3 Voices In The Distance, The – Silence        
B4 Jos Van Duijne – Infidelity        
B5 L.S.D.  – Sad Wind        
B6 Zandamess – We Didn't Say That        
B7 Kees Beukelaar – Home Is Where The Heart Is        
B8 RåT – And Still The War Dragged On        
B9 Trio Penotti – Rain In My Face

Swamptape 1 

Harsh Reality Locals Only Comp.

A1 Mental Anguish – Ejackulation & Masturbation        
A2 Cancerous Growth – Celestial Vibrations #2        
A3 Swinebolt 45 – Sewer Grate        
A4 Skoptzies – 3:32 A.M. Rain        
A5 Misfeasance – Untitled        
B1 Viktimized Karcass – Talking About Crack        
B2 Cephalic Index – I Want To See The Children Play        
B3 Mental Anguish & Nomuzic – Jumping Off The Point        
B4 Angwana – Happy Mothers Day Excerpt        
B5 Jeff Central & Mental Anguish – Untitled        
B6 Mid Cult Matrix – Fugitive Squad Excerpt       

Harsh Reality Locals Only Comp 

Paul Daniels Famous World Tour

A1 Ladyluck Takes Care Of The According Oiling        
A2 Lover On The Outcrop        
A3 Weals From Steel        
A4 Yet Another Rolling Stones Song        
A5 Larry's Up My Ass        
B1 Larry's Up My Ass Again        
B2 Three Days Of Love With Roger In Copenhagen        
B3 The Fire-Engine That Shall Not Remain Dry

Paul Daniels World Famous Tour 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

3rd Festival Of Mail Art & Independent Music

A festival that happened on the 14th of April in 1990.   These being 15 minute extracts from said artists below.   Many thanks goes to Eriek over at EE Tapes.   A label you should check out too here.

Side A
Jeepees Soap
Selfs Without Shells
Throat Next Confrontation
Nadine Bal / Alain Neffe + Sack

Side B
This Window
Y Create

3rd Festival Of Mail-Art & Independent Music ( As Of 07-04-13)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Out Now

A1 Cockpit-Command (Ultima-Truncheon-Mix)
A2 The Sacrament (Zyancali-In-The-Heart-Mix)
A3 Cockpit-Command (Squash-Room-Remix)
B1 Cream-Cakes (I Prefer-Chocolate-Cakes-Mix)
B2 Breathless Hurdler (Marathon-Sweat-Mix)
B3 Deadlock (Final-Offensive-Mix)
B4 The Sacrament (Delay-In-Melody-Mix)

Out Now( As Of 07-04-13)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Human Flesh A Collection Of Ambiant Music: Volume 1

A1 Second Mirage        
A2 Third Mirage        
A3 Fourth Mirage        
A4 Fifth Mirage        
A5 Sixth Mirage        
A6 Seventh Mirage        
B1 Eight Mirage        
B2 Ninth Mirage        
B3 Tenth Mirage        
B4 Eleventh Mirage        
B5 Twelfth Mirage        
B6 Thirteenth Mirage        
B7 Fourteenth Mirage        
B8 Fifteenth Mirage

A Collection Of Ambiant Music: Volume 1