Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Y Create Y Create (Blue)

Y Create is Hessel Veldman. This is a cassette of a series of three, the other ones being Grey and Green, of experimental sounds.  We will rip those ones later, for now here is the Blue Cassette.

Y Create (Blue)(Re Up As Of 01-21-13)

Nostalgie Eternelle Courage And Despair

Here is a tape, of recorded material Nostalgie Eternelle did between 1986 and 1991.

Side A
Life Is Still A Dream
Katrin (A Poem)
Go Ahead
Danger Of Avalanches
At That Time (March 1988)
Ride On Dead Horses
The Open Window
Ich Vertraue Mir
I'm In Your Corner
Time To Go

Side B
My Mind Is Dancing
A Chilly Draught (Video Soundtrack)
Your Sighs
The Flood
Yellow Is A Killing Color
Believe In Yourself
Wish To Fall
A Modern Dragon
Clear Up Myself
Horrible Spectacle
Indelible Remembrance

Courage And Despair

Nostalgie Eternelle The Sixth Degree

Here is another release from Nostalgie Eternelle released in 1989.  Features a selection of tracks that were featured on samplers from 88-89.

Side A
Rise From The Dead
A Loop-Hole

Side B
Behind A Closed Door
Take Care Of The Light
A Little Shove

The Sixth Degree(Re Up As Of 01-21-13)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nostalgie Eternelle Compilation Of Released Tracks 3

Wonderful cassette of tracks from Nostalgie Eternelle from cassette samplers varying between 87-88. This one was released in 1988.

Side A
Awaking Wind
Last Sleep
Bad Dream

Side B
Without You
My Truth
Absorbed In Thought
Life Is A Dream

Compilation Of Released Tracks 3(Re Up As Of 01-21-13)