Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bene Gesserit Best Of

A.N.: Bene Gesserit was founded accidentally in June 1981 at Fontaine-L'eveque during a recording session of jingles for Nadine's radio show(Mystere/Hysterie in de mist, on FM BRUXEL) At this time, I was a member of Pseudo Code, and Nadine was its manager. I found that she had a really interesting voice, and I proposed her to make a group together.  We quickly recorded two cassettes, "Stupid" and "Best Of" (50 copies each) and put them in a record shop(under a phony name). We told then that BENE GESSERIT was a swiss group. We took pseudonyms and put a friend's address on the cover sleeve to test people's reactions...the reactions were very positive!.  The Cassettes sold in 3 weeks, and our friend received several letters asking for more!.  The secret was well kept for about one year, and when we decided to tell the truth, nobody could believe it!

- Taken from Interview

Side A
Epitaph for a one-way love
Hymne au ver
Fly To hell

Side B
Erg habbania
Orchestral Story
Live In China


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