Monday, August 11, 2014

Various ‎– Ein Beruhigungsmittel Für Strapazierte Nerven

A1 De Fabriek Untitled   
A2 No Unauthorized Untitled   
A3 Exterminator  Untitled   
B1 No Unauthorized Untitled   
B2 Stenka Bazin Untitled   
B3 Phänomenalismus Sound Untitled   
B4 Michele Madrange & Exterminator Untitled   
B5 Michele Madrange & Phänomenalismus Sound Untitled

Ein Beruhigungsmittel Für Strapazierte Nerven

Markus Schwill ‎– Drawing Atmospheres And Sounds

A1 Atmospheres: Kontostand   
A2 Atmospheres: Zerbrechlich   
A3 Atmospheres: Get Out   
A4 Atmospheres: A Short Message   
A5 Atmospheres: Lust (Joy)   
A6 Atmospheres: Besinnung   
B1 Sounds: Schreie Der Wilden Schwäne   
B2 Sounds: New Loops: Part A: Classical / Part B: Hardcore / Part C: Old-Wave   
B3 Sounds: Bestimmung Zwei    

Drawing Atmospheres And Sounds

Minoy ‎– The Art Of Egyptian Bathing

A The Art Of Egyptian Bathing
B1 Secret Ceremony
B2 Timestep

The Art Of Egyptian Bathing

PM - Spaceshot

A Spaceshot
B Hot Line


Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim ‎– Nosh

A1 Witzelsucht   
A2 Low Dose Dependence   
A3 Globus Hystericus   
A4 Moral Insanity   
A5 Rosa's Bettwürsterl   
A6 Ausmass Der Störung   
B1 Oneiroid   
B2 Vicq D'Azyr   
B3 Grünkohl Mit Pinkel   
B4 Coup De Fouet Du Cordon   
B5 Recordplayerneedlekiller   
B6 Eine Schiffahrt Die Ist Lustig


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Dickhead And Happy About It

A1 Introverted Time   
A2 Total Trust, Never Doubted   
B1 Deep Within My Pains   
B2 Agonizing Questions, Unasked

Dickhead And Happy About It

Hithlahabuth ‎– Live At The Miscatonic University

A1 Eternal Today   
A2 Chorea Sancti Viti   
A3 Floodlight State (2.Emanation)   
A4 S. H. C.   
A5 Morbus Sacer   
B1 Iron Temple   
B2 Cinder Woman   
B3 I Need More   

Live At The Miscatonic University

Various - Nightporters

A1 Yximalloo H-A-E #2   
A2 Sebastian Gandera Les Parfums Illusoires   
A3 Wash Your Brains No.5-Sein: '87   
A4 D.A.R.P.A. Superficial Superman   
A5 Georg Sieger Die Brücken Zu Sich Selbst Einreißen (Asynchron II)   
A6 De Fabriek Feurtanz   
A7 MØHR Fazit (Live 28.10.90)   
A8 The MMVP La Fontena Del Omblia   
A9 Sebastian Gandera Le Regard Du Peintre   
A10 Beyond Therapy Beyond Therapy, Paelologos '90   
A11 Die Netten Mieter Zwei Fenster Zum Hof   
A12 Frater Naurigo DFHL 3.2.4   
B1 Kapotte Muziek Is One   
B2 Schielend Vor Wut Knock-Knees   
B3 Minóy ABCIPIA   
B4 D.A.R.P.A.     Deautomatization And The Mystic Experience   
B5 Sebastian Gandera La Houle Suggère (Dedicated To Natalia)   
B6 Yximalloo Ivan The Terrible #5   
B7 Einsatzkommandos Join Into The Christian Army   
B8 Die Rache Brot Für Alle   
B9 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer KingKong In HongKong


Costes ‎– Sorciere

A1 Enfant De Pute   
A2 Darlyne   
A3 La Vie Sans Toi   
A4 Belle Et Cruelle   
A5 Et Elle Me Tailla Une Pipe Au Cinema     3:52
A6 Je Te Promet   
A7 Vieille Salope   
A8 Blanc Mais Pas Méchant
A9 L'Heure Du Violeur   
A10 L'Affaire Darlyne   
A11 Amour Asocial   
A12 C'est Moi La Négresse
B13 La Chatte   
B14 Allez Darlyne !   
B15 A Cette Heure Là   
B16 Devant Le Soviet Suprème   
B17 Elle Est Dieu   
B18 Sorcière   
B19 J'ai Tout Aimé   
B20 Merci à Celle


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Various ‎– Welcome To Sleepy Eye

A1 – Moisten Before Use Frustration    
A2 – Ambulatorio Segreto Operax    
A3 – Bestattungsinstitut Morphogenese    
A4 – P.C.R. Sputum Vitae    
A5 – Stefano Barban To Fall Into A Snare    
A6 – faktor X March    
B1 – Mental Anguish Emotional Slack (Excerpt)    
B2 – Terrorplan Earwigs    
B3 – Big City Orchestra Yvette    
B4 – Treble King Bonehead Necktie    
B5 – Imbroglio     Mystic Plateaus (Excerpt)

Welcome To Sleepy Eye

Cephalic Index & Nomuzic ‎– A Better Way To Die

Side Boston

A1 Learn Yourself Good   
A2 Shut Up And Get Old   
A3 Pure And Refreshing   
Side Gench

B1 My Baby Went Splat   
B2 Prostates Of The Rich & Famous

 A Better Way To Die

Harald Sack Ziegler ‎– Sack & Martin Martin Live 1988

A1 Neonlicht   
A2 Sie Riecht So Gut   
A3 Teppich   
A4 Eat Dreams   
A5 Meine Oma   
A6 Schokolade   
A7 Panzer War Dabei   
A8 Wenn Ich Tot Bin   
A9 Schneewalzer   
A10 Taschentuchwalzer   
A11 W.S.F.O. Regae Version   
A12 Kristallzucker   
A13 Windsurfen   
A14 Plastikküste   
B1 Frauensache   
B2 Singing In The Rain   
B3 Der Dicke Hai   
B4 Flat Frog   
B5 Ich Geh Kaputt   
B6 Bungalow   
B7 Lied Der Königin   
B8 Mine Is The Time   
B9 Mine Is The Time (Instrumental)

Sack & Martin Martin Live 1988

EEL O. ‎– Turn It On

A1 Turn It On   
A2 Pierced To Deep   
A3 Discomine (Uzi)   
A4 Voice Of The Monster   
A5 Moon Rover   
B1 Never Hit Your Grandma   
B2 With A Great Big Stick (Flexi Cut-Up Mix # 1)   
B3 C/FE Culture   
B4 Chunka Funk   
B5 Space Cat

Turn It On

Friday, June 6, 2014

Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed

A1 Schlafengarten Wooden Wheels   
A2 O (11) 6.626 X 10 -34 JS   
A3 Box O' Laffs Colon   
A4 Thessalonians Untitled   
A5 Monks Of Doom Eldridge Street   
A6 Brook Hinton Lucia   
A7 AMK     Montage 7   
B1 Johnny Primitive Chrome Magnin   
B2 Kingshouse     DW&T   
B3 Psyclones & Schlafengarten     Learns   
B4 Bigcityorchestra Break Your Neck   
B5 Negativland     Paul McCartney's Penis (Excerpt From Over The Edge)   
B6 Crawling With Tarts     Donkey King

Northern California Is A Noisey Place Indeed

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Red - Deichbruch

I do not have the cover art for this one.  Wonderful New Wave tape. 

A1 Victim Of Beauty    
A2 K.C.D.Y.    
A3 I'll Fly Every Night    
B1 One Gigantic Repression    
B2 I Wish It Will Rain    
B3 Deichbruch    
B4 Watching The Street