Monday, February 9, 2015

Multum In Parvo

A1 Region Five Kara Ki
A2 Region Five     Fata Morgana   
A3 Region Five     Erhöhung   
A4 Region Five     Gliding   
A5 A.C.F.     Wrench   
A6 (Q.S.O.)     Quasar Stellar Objects   
A7 SF.1b  Mechanical Bent   
B1 Holy Atheist Minimal   
B2 Holy Atheist Minimal Too   
B3 Vrije Blow Up   
B4 Zircon & The Burning Brains   Övalture
Multum In Parvo

Une Le Wurg Production ‎– Die Kunst Ist Vergaenglich

This Window - Jude The Obscure

A1 Morning    
A2 6.25.40    
A3 Memories    
A4 Duck/Chow    
A5 Obvious    
A6 Last Man    
A7 Pain 2    
A8 In Porto    
B1 Bridal Day    
B2 A Man    
B3 Pheonix    
B4 Concerned Enquiry    
B5 I Wait    
B6 Birth    
B7 Abbo

Jude The Obscure

Thursday, December 25, 2014

David Fenech ‎– D'Une Illogique Placable

A1 Huile De Sésame
A2 Un Enfant   
A3 Pâté De Maison / Démolition   
B1 Trash Zouk   
B2 Chagrin   
B3 Sur Le Toit   
B4 Anna Niet Doma!

D'Une Illogique Placable

Monday, November 24, 2014

Konstruktivists ‎– The Last Moments Of 1923

A1 Devils Triangle   
A2 Last Post   
A3 Post Mortem   
A4 Erazerhead   
A5 23rd Trip   
B1 Real Surreal   
B2 Attack/You   
B3 Autoghosts   
B4 Wee Hear All   
B5 Francis Bacon   
B6 Black On Black   
B7 Assault On Precinct 13

The Last Moments Of 1923

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mission Papua Holland - Rex Nura

A1 Doz   
A2 Members Of The League   
A3 Sleeptihgt   
B1 Home Sweet Home   
B2 Can You Handle It Jim ?   
B3 Mahlerei   
B4 O Mother   
B5 2 Miles    

Rex Nura

Monday, October 13, 2014

KAMPH - Before & After Sex

A Untitled
B Untitled

Before & After Sex

Various ‎– Gears=Sexsix

A1 Bestattungsinstitute Totenwachegrab 7   
A2 M.Nomized Turning Sun   
A3 Solanaceae TauMachination   
A4 Die Rache Immer Gut   
A5 Mental Anguish Dessert Sun   
B1 John Trubee & Ugly Janitors Of America, The     Oceanic Neon Turnpike (Excerpt)   
B2 Atrocity Exhibit     Zones Of Terror (Excerpt)   
B3 Brent Lewis Ensemble Mid Range Phase (Excerpt)    


Dieter Müh ‎– We're Not Happy 'Till You're Not Happy

A We're Not Happy 'Till You're Not Happy
B Like It Never Happened

Another amazing release from  Dieter Müh. 
To see what he is up to this days, check out his blog called MuhMur
He also hosts some excellent SoundArt Broadcasts, which you can find on his blog. 

We're Not Happy 'Till You're Not Happy

Ideas Beyond Filth ‎– HUaSH

A1 Rollercoaster   
A2 Ka   
A3 Cohersion   
A4 On Mission II   
B1 Baby   
B2 Subtle   
B3 Yellow Room   
B4 Anal Sacs

This is certainly an interesting treat.  IBF is Steve Cammack(Dieter Müh) & Tim Bayes(Schuster)
This was a very short lived project, only active between 85-87.  Most of the material usually hard to come by, so many thanks to Mr.Cammack for this donation to ATSLA.  But if you are so inclined, you can still grab a vinyl release of IBF from Harbinger Sound(if you can find copies)

Note: Most of these are unindexed, so if you have had this previously then maybe you can fill in the proper list for us.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This Window Morning

A1 Intro   
A2 Wank   
A3 Not Even American / Interlude   
A4 Funeral Love Desire Pt. 3 / Morning M.L.   
A5 The First Time   
A6 E.Vest   
A7 Yo!   
A8 M. Lesson / Scintital   
A9 Morning   
A10 6.25.40   
A11 Memories   
A12 Duck / Chow   
A13 Obvious   
A14 Last Man   
A15 Pain   
B1 Birth Pangs   
B2 Traction / Morning   
B3 Funeral Love Desire / Scintital   
B4 Fallen Angel   
B5 (Land Of) Hope   
B6 Anna Logge (I.L.Y.)   
B7 Taste / Crash   
B8 Nepal / Smash   
B9 Over And Out