Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Context – Again Structures - Product 48

A1 Again Structures   
B1 Again Structures   

Again Structures - Product 48

Markus Schwill Und Sein Künstler Töten Künstler

A1 The Romarri    
A2 The Hitch-Hiker    
A3 Die Friesen Haben Es Schwer    
A4 Besorgnis    
B1 Hühnerpunk    
B2 Zweckfreundschaft II    
B3 Eine Kerze    
B4 Back To Aurich    
B5 Bescheidend    
B6 Duplikat    
B7 Frieden    
B8 A Call 2    

Markus Schwill Und Sein Künstler Töten Künstler

Monday, February 17, 2014

Teen Lesbians & Animals ‎– 2000 Lesbian DJ's

A1 Lezbeans    
A2 Valsalva Maneuver    
A3 Rhythm Slave    
A4 Turn It Up!    
A5 Fan Death 2000    
A6 Jesus Wept    
A7 Redhorse Of War    
A8 Racer X
B1 Intro    
B2 Bum Rush The Sound    
B3 Stereo Surprize Medley    
B4 Valsalva Maneuver    
B5 Turn It Up!    
B6 Rhythm Slave

2000 Lesbian DJ's

Monday, December 9, 2013

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Doc Wör Mirran

A1 Life Of The Beached Whale   
A2 59 I Pool   
A3 Meeting Extravegance        
A4 Self Automated Patch #1   
A5 Avocado Marketing Techniques #1        
A6 Help, We Need A Melody        
B1 Avocado Marketing Techniques #2        
B2 Self Automated Patch #2        
B3 When A Girl Lives Alone       
B4 Tribute To The Music Of Raisin Bran Trust        
B5 Patchwork Park Security        
B6 Self Automated Patch #3

Doc Wör Mirran

Doc Wör Mirran ‎– Attention Spam

Side One
1 Ben Droppings Part Two       
2 Immer Noch Nicht Ohne Meine Mama       
3 Ben Droppings Part Three       
4 The Colossal Dork       
  Side Two
5 Leonhard Skynhead       
6 The Amazing Colossal Dork       
  Side Three
7 Attention Spam       
  Side Four
8 Some Sort Of Edge Part One       
9 Bimbo Bimbern       
10 Knut Joins Our Ranks       
  Side Five
11 Return Of The Amazing Colossal Dork       
  Side Six
12 Bono Is A Boner       
13 Zorking Class Hero       
14 Some Sort Of Edge Part Two

Attention Spam

Doc Wör Mirran - Bimbern

A1 Bimbern 1       
A2 Bimbern 2       
B1 Mask 5       
B2 Bimbern 3       
C Bimbern 4       
D Tell Rigid Records To Fuck Off


Doc Wör Mirran ‎Brocolli June Harvest

A1 Frau Kalb Can Go To Hell
A2 Kamophlag Emporium

A3 Patterns That Maim Again
A4 Iggy's Poop In Stereo

A5 Number Twenty Eight

B1 Number Thirty Nine

B2 Happy On Your Side

B3 Brocolli June Harvest Part 2

B4 Peggy Sue

B5 Happyville Train

B6 We A Lyyy

‎Brocolli June Harvest